A bunch of animals


Day one of the new Swansboro mural today and everybody was looking’ great. So good to see everyone and we really can’t wait to see this new one finished! Image

Penny of course put in all the hard work getting the boards started while I was off galavanting on vacation. She was even nice enough to wait for me to get back to get started! Clearly I owe some prep hours on the next mural… ;)



Theater Camp was amazing


*I wrote this post about two weeks ago before I left for vacation but didn’t have a chance to get the pictures and everything else on here. Sorry about the delay!


I got to spend Wednesday hanging out with Penny, Tim and a really wonderful bunch of kids at the Swansboro Rec Center to experience a day of camp. I have to say, if camp had been that fun when I was going, I probably would have spent the whole summer there.The Rec Center provides a pretty cushy location for a day camp anyway, with a beautiful brand new building that includes a well-stocked game room and huge playground. The camp’s home base is in a classroom is next door to the game room and came equipped with just about the coolest projection equipment ever which provided a nice Pandora background of kid’s music and a much-needed showing of The Lorax on Wednesday afternoon after a lot of hard work and equally hard play. Penny and Tim make a great team, and the kids all pretty enamored with their counselors. Both have years of experience between them with backgrounds in teaching, theater, after school programs and camps.

When I showed up the kids were running through their puppet show which has been a light focus for the week, with each kid making their own fish puppet and helping to make the script and parts of the set (which is a hand made theater set up courtesy of Penny and her husband Amos). Tim directs the action, reading the story and helping the kids remember their lines while Penny helps out behind the stage with set changes and puppet maneuvering. All the kids are second grade and under so it’s a pretty simple production but it’s obvious everyone is enjoying themselves and,from what I saw of their dress rehearsal, will be a delight for the parents who come to watch on Friday afternoon.

This is only the first to come of the camps Penny will be offering at Swansboro Rec, with one coming up in July and another in August. We hope there will be more next summer as well, and at only $75 per kid for the whole week it’s really a great option for a fun and enriching summer experience for kids. Check out some pictures below!


Penny’s Puppet Theater Camp

It’s day two of the Puppet Theater Camp at the Rec Center. Penny was able to enlist the help of her son Tim, a theater teacher in Greenville NC, to lend his know-how and exuberance for the week. Here’s a sneak peek at the first puppet, a shark for their fish-themed puppet show. I’ll be out there tomorrow to snap some more pictures and I’m super excited to see the fabulous things they’ve come up with.